My name is Hilary Jane Mussell. I'm an artist.


I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a big fan of this city, and I think it's a very exciting time to be here. Fun and beautiful things are on the horizon, I can feel it. 


My work tends to explore ideas surrounding life and the natural world. I am interested in how organisms work, and the relationship we as human beings have with these other entities. I like drawing and sculpture, but I also try many other things because - why not?

I have a home in a lovely house built in 1912, with my partner, Borys Tarasenko. We have a little studio space that we share, which I have filled with houseplants. I enjoy going to festivals, weaving and doing puzzles.


All these things take up time. I am also currently finishing my Bachelor of Education Degree and teaching at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Whatever makes it on to this website is probably a miracle. 

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