That feeling...

I went through the train station the other day on my way to class. I was turning a corner, when what should I see but my own Boss Fish staring back at me. Just hanging out in the station, both of us with our mouths open (Fish's because of heavy fish jowls, and mine because of surprise and joy.) It's the first time I've seen this happen before, and I am feeling very pleased, but also, well it's pretty strange. Something that you've created and nurtured in your own studio is now in the eyes and minds of strangers, and it's not up to you anymore what it does, or who it belongs to. I just hope the world will be kind to the fish.

In other news, the EAC project grant came in, and I've started working on some new sculptures. The struggle is real to get to the studio, but the work is happening. I have deadlines and goals, and I'm on track to meet most of them. Starting in mid-december, I hope to be able to invite some artists to visit the studio, and give me some critical feedback about how these new babies are doing. Visit the sculpture page to see the new work!

In other other news, I bought a gorilla pod, and set up a little photo studio in the spare room. Which is why those new photos look so damn nice.

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