New Work and New Plans

After a long summer spent biking, making art and GETTING MARRIED, I'm back to fall business. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I always feel like September is really the start of the new year. Perhaps that's due to the fact that I have spent 22 of my 29 Septembers on this planet starting a new school year. September is always the time for me to clean out the closet, make real New Years resolutions and plans for my upcoming year. Lots of deadlines happen around this time too, but for the first time in awhile, I'm planning on ignoring all of them. This is because, according to me, I have a very full and bountiful plate already.

This September, I had my first solo exhibition at the Ortona Armoury here in Edmonton. That experience was everything I would have hoped for in a first exhibition and more. Not only did I feel a freedom to make whatever I felt like in that space (I was refreshingly free of the hangups of making "real art" that usually plague me), but I was motivated and had enough free time that I could make without too many all nighters or undue stress. It was lovely. Lots of people came, I had good conversations with everyone, and I was proud of the work. I listened to 10 audiobooks while working. It was great.

November 5, I'm installing my show in a new incarnation at the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Center Art Gallery (that's a mouthful), that will be up until December 20th, 2016. So, if you missed it the first time around, or just want to come cuddle my sculptures some more, I'll be making some new friends in the next few weeks. It's a quick turnaround, but that's the way the timing worked.

Then I have one more show in February (dates TBD) at the Bleeding Heart Art Space back in Edmonton. I have some new ideas for that show, so we'll see how it goes. February's a ways off, and hopefully I get some time to pull some more ideas out of the ether into reality.

In addition to that, I finally have enough security (and gumption) to finish my very very long Education Degree. I'm on track to graduate this December, providing I finish my final Practicum. I'm not worried about it, in fact I am excited because I just found out I'll be teaching at Victoria School. The oh-so-walkable arts school that lots of people I greatly esteem attended. If I get to teach the miniature versions of them, it'll be a joy. It's going to be very very hard work, so say goodbye to seeing me in person for a few months, but then I'll finally be DONE. It's seriously been 11 years since I started this darn degree, so it's about time.

Now here's the thing that is bothering me about all this grand and thrilling business. When I graduate, if I apply, it may be that I get offered a teaching job. That's very good for me financially, and honestly, I think it would be a great job. But I've just started to get excited about my art practice. I was looking forward to maybe doing another residency soon, and applying for another grant, starting some collaborations. But, time has taught me that I'm not the sort of person who can hold that many things in her brain AND work a full time job. So, I'd have to put all that on hold. If TV has taught me anything, it's that that's usually a death sentence for dreams. So not to be too melodramatic, but I've got some thinking to do. I know I can change my mind whenever I want, but it's just, a big thing. That's all.

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